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Spanish infrastructure company to take over construction of Sao Paulo metro line


Spanish infrastructure company to take over construction of Sao Paulo metro line

Sao Paulos Orange Line
Photo: Benjamin Zelki

The Spanish company Acciona will resume work on the Sao Paulo Metro Line 6-Orange today, when the concession contract with the original local contractor, Move Sao Paulo Consortium, expires.

The metro line has been under construction since 2015 but was delayed when the Consortium became embroiled in the Operation Car Wash corruption scandal. In 2018, the original contract was cancelled and Acciona bought a 70% stake in the project. The Consortium was granted 30%.

Acciona intends to finish the metro line in four years, creating over 9,000 jobs. Once completed, the line is set to be used by over 630,000 people per day and offer high-speed city transport, which will significantly improve the commute of many university students.

The opening date was originally supposed to be in 2020, but now this deadline seems unlikely. In Colombia, metro work was delayed up to six months due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Brazil could face similar issues as it becomes the new pandemic epicentre.

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Acciona’s leadership in the project is expected to create new opportunities for residents. However, the company has a history of corruption. After many delays due to financial issues, public controversies, and now a pandemic, construction deadlines seem like false promises and the long-awaited metro line may be delayed still further.

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