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Sudanese Opposition to hold anti-military protests


Sudanese Opposition to hold anti-military protests

Sudan Protests
Photo: Ebraham Hamid/AFP

Further anti-military protests are expected from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FCC) coalition in Sudan today.

Over the past month, the Sudanese military has violently suppressed widespread pro-democracy demonstrations protesting the October coup. So far, state forces have been brutally cracking down on the movement using tactics including tear gas and sexual abuse, while imposing severe restrictions on free movement and internet access.

Expect today’s protests to be met with a similarly violent response by the Sudanese military.  In response to the brutality, expect further condemnation of the Sudanese military’s actions from the UN and Western democratic allies.

The Sudanese population—despite vying for a transition to a robust democracy—is unlikely to influence significant change without the support of the military. Although a compromise between General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok resulted in the reinstatement of the latter, this development is most likely ineffectual, providing a false sense of democratic legitimacy for the coup. As such, military support of a true democratic transition is not likely. Civil disobedience should be expected to continue, though protesters are unlikely to accomplish their goals without international pressure on the military to comply with popular demands.

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