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Sudanese political parties to sign declaration


Sudanese political parties to sign declaration

Sudan forces of freedom and change
Photo: Anadolu Agency

The Sudanese political organization, Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) will sign a political declaration today.

FFC’s multi-factional coalition organization—which backed anti-government demonstrators—played a pivotal role during the recent Sudanese protests that led to acting President Omar al Bashir’s removal from office and the establishment of a transitional government.  Since then, the increasing public support enabled the FFC to become an active central figure in Khartoum’s political scene. Today’s declaration aspires to solidify the cooperation amongst the various groups within the FFC, such as the Sudanese Professionals Association and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF).

Despite possible discontent amongst some of the Islamist rebel groups and other al-Bashir loyalists, expect the FFC’s influence in Sudanese politics to accelerate during the short-term. With increased influence, the FFC will appoint favorable governors under the supervision of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok. Although the transitional government’s agreement with rebel groups might seem like a step towards stability, the internal unrest in Sudan is highly unlikely to subside during the long-term. The Islamist Nusrat-al Sharia—an alliance of Islamic parties—will probably not capitulate to Khartoum’s demands as they will continue to protest with the aim of establishing Islamic military rule in Sudan.

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