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Tanzania’s parliament set to be dissolved


Tanzania’s parliament set to be dissolved

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Tanzania’s parliament is to be dissolved today ahead of the country’s general election in October.

The announcement, which arrives in the context of an especially challenging political landscape, has set the tone for the upcoming vote. Despite the routine nature of the dissolution—which is constitutionally mandated in the run-up to elections—the domestic deterioration of human rights makes recent events particularly significant.

President John Magufuli, who is expected to seek a second term, has been accused of eroding democratic freedoms since his elevation to the presidency in December 2015. Major opposition parties have called for an independent monitor to oversee the electoral process, after a failed boycott of past local elections. Opposition and dissident groups continue to lobby for major reforms, such as a redefinition of the electoral commission’s independent status and a reduction of the number of constituencies required to guarantee fairness.

The election date—yet to be announced—is unlikely to be adjusted in the coming months despite COVID-19, due to Magufuli’s need to maintain an impression of transparency and impartiality throughout the process.

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