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Tenth UN conference on non-proliferation postponed


Tenth UN conference on non-proliferation postponed

Prior UN non-proliferation conference at the United Nations
Photo: Evan Schneider/UN

The tenth United Nations conference on non-proliferation was set to finish today in New York.  However, the conference was postponed yet again due to the spike in COVID-19 cases around the world.

The Conference was originally scheduled in the Spring of 2020 but has been consistently pushed back due to the pandemic.

The conference serves is a space for members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty to recommit to the accord as well as present changes to its enforcement.

This year’s conference would have coincided with the ongoing US–Iran nuclear negotiations. A diplomatic debate that surely would have come to the fore in New York. The conference could have served as an additional staging area to the negotiations taking placing in Vienna, which have yet to produce results. Negotiations remain bogged down with Iranian diplomats continuing to drag their feet on while the country accelerates its nuclear enrichment program. The fate of the Iran nuclear deal is increasingly fraught following disagreements and resignations within the US negotiating team.

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