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Tunisian Universities to hold Gabon Fair


Tunisian Universities to hold Gabon Fair

Tunisian Universities to hold Gabon Fair
Photo: Carthage Magazine

Tunisian institutions of higher education will host an international student fair for Gabonese students in Libreville, Gabon from today until Saturday.

The fair, sponsored by Conect International and ShopUniversities, promotes Tunisian universities and encourages Gabonese students to study abroad in Tunisia. Over 27,000 Gabonese students are expected to attend.

In recent years, the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has aimed to reinforce its position as a desirable destination for international students. To further bolster study abroad opportunities in the country, the Tunisian government is developing programs to collaborate with African countries from which the majority of its international students originate. In the short term, expect more forums in Sub-Saharan countries to promote study abroad options in Tunisia.

In the long term, the Tunisian economy will likely benefit from increased numbers of international students at their universities. Tunisia’s economic growth rate was just 1% in 2019, but could grow up to 93% by 2040 from increased study abroad. International students bring about foreign revenue, enhanced human capital, and increased domestic expenditure. Tunisia has recently focused on foreign investment to stimulate economic growth, hence expect a commitment to developing FDI, attracting foreign investors in both public and private sectors.

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