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UK and India to conclude military drills


UK and India to conclude military drills

Military drills india
Photo: Channi Anand/AP

India and the UK will today conclude the tri-service military exercise in the Bay of Bengal.

During the week-long bilateral exercise, the two nations have displayed their advanced military equipment. The event has thus far been a crucial platform for New Delhi and London to further strengthen their strategic defensive partnership.

The increasing security cooperation between London and New Delhi will be a pivotal countermeasure to China’s growing ambitions in the Indo-Pacific during the short- to medium- term. The joint-endeavor will mainly aim to maintain regional maritime order by averting Chinese activities in disputed waters to secure valuable gas deposits. Confronted by a growing China-Pakistan alliance, New Delhi will continue to engage in military exercises with other Western states, and possibly look to secure a pact due to the ongoing Ladakh border standoff with Beijing.

New Delhi will also aim to secure its defensive positions in the disputed Kashmir region to ward-off Islamabad’s ambitions. Expect India to further increase its military spending to purchase additional foreign military equipment from Western states Russia—considering the S-400 deal. As the China-Pakistan alliance will likely further develop to the concern of New Delhi, tensions are highly unlikely to de-escalate during the long-term.

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