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UK dissolves Parliament ahead of the 2024 general election


UK dissolves Parliament ahead of the 2024 general election

UK Parliament will disband ahead of the July general election.

Prime Minister (PM) Rishi Runak called the snap election, scheduled for July 4, last week. The call comes amid dwindling poll numbers for the Conservative party, with approval at present its lowest since October 2022. The Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, is currently at 45% approval, 22 points above the Conservatives.

The UK is currently experiencing significant economic stagnation, having not wholly recovered from the post-Ukraine War energy shock and inflation across Europe. For ordinary voters, cost of living issues dominate election discussions. PM Sunak’s immigration policies have also come under fire for being short-sighted, specifically the Rwanda bill, which was condemned by Labour.

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Expect the lead up to the election to produce ever-more support for Starmer, who will be looking to return 10 Downing Street to Labour for the first time in 14 years. Should this happen, expect a stronger funding increase for infrastructure, health and public services, which have been lacking during Sunak’s term. Labour also is looking to be far more ambitious with its green energy targets, with the expectation that Britain under Labour will decarbonise by 2030 instead of Sunak’s 2050 target.

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