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UK House of Commons to debate Rwanda bill today


UK House of Commons to debate Rwanda bill today

Britain’s House of Commons is set to debate today a plan that will send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

The plan is Britain’s latest attempt to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel via small boats.

Nearly two years ago, Britain and Rwanda signed an agreement known as the ‘Rwanda Plan’ that would deport people arriving in the UK to Rwanda. The UK’s highest court ruled that Rwanda was not viable as a destination for migrants and also deemed the plan a violation international human rights law, citing Rwanda’s poor human rights record. Following the court’s decision, the UK agreed on a new treaty with Rwanda and introduced the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill—new legislation that considers Rwanda a safe destination for refugees and asylum seekers.

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Despite back-and-forth between the upper and lower houses of parliament, the bill is expected to come into force. The delay, however, in passing the law is likely to affect Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s popularity in upcoming elections. In the case that Sunak is able to begin deportations by the end of this Spring, he may see a slight popularity boost. This scenario, is unlikely as individuals slated for deportation will almost certainly file legal appeals, delaying deportations further.

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