UK parliament reconvenes after summer recess as no-deal Brexit chaos looms large

johnson parliament brexit
Photo: BBC

The UK Parliament will return today from summer recess, during which time Prime Minister Boris Johnson got Queen Elizabeth II’s approval to suspend the Parliament from September 9 to October 14.

PM Johnson manoeuvred the suspension to block deliberations over the withdrawal deal ahead of the October 31 Brexit deadline.

British MPs opposing the no-deal withdrawal will try to pass a legislation this week towards securing a deal with the EU. If successfully passed, the legislation is likely to require another extension to the exit deadline. If the MPs fail to pass the legislation, the opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is likely to call a vote of no-confidence in PM Johnson’s government on October 14. With a majority of just one MP, the current government is vulnerable to the no-confidence motion.

If Mr. Corbyn succeeds, PM Johnson will have 14 days – till October 28 – to gather majority vote in his favour and avoid a general election. If he wins, the opposition will have only three days to either secure a deal or get the PM to extend the deadline. Given the many difficult conditions the opposition must fulfil to get its way, a hard Brexit is increasingly likely.

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