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UK parliament to be dissolved on Wednesday ahead of snap election


UK parliament to be dissolved on Wednesday ahead of snap election

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The British Parliament will dissolve today ahead of the December 12 general election, the goal of which is to solve the Brexit impasse.

After three failed attempts to hold a new parliamentary election, PM Boris Johnson finally secured the requisite votes last Tuesday with the backing of the opposition Labour Party.

It is near impossible to say who will come out on top. Though the Tories currently hold a ten-point lead in polls, much can change in the coming five weeks. Both the political right and left will need to fend off their respective poles. For the former, the Brexit Party will look to poach intensely pro-Leave voters by painting Johnson as a weak leader who has failed to deliver on Brexit. For its part, Labour will need to beat back the Liberal Democrats, who advocate scrapping Brexit altogether and attack Labour’s willingness to entertain the idea of leaving the EU.

Though the Conservatives and Labour will most likely remain the strongest two parties, a strong showing from the Brexit Party would greatly increase the chance of a no-deal divorce. In contrast, should Labour come out on top and the Lib Dems pick up significantly more seats than expected, a second Brexit referendum could be on the cards.

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