UN acknowledges International Holocaust Memorial Day

UN acknowledges International Holocaust Memorial Day

Today is International Holocaust Memorial Day.

The United Nations designated the Memorial Day to commemorate victims, educate new generations and avoid similar events in the future. Activities will be held around the world, with special focus in Europe and New York at UN Headquarters.

This year’s events are more charged than usual, as Hamas’ October 7 and the subsequent Hamas-Israel conflict have capture international attention. Last month, South Africa filed an accusation at the International Court of Justice against Israel, accusing them of genocide in Gaza. On Friday, the court ordered six provisional measures that include stopping any incitement to genocide and to ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance.

In the short term, expect activities this weekend to focus on educating newer generations on past genocide, highlighting the role of international community to prevent and stop crimes. International divisions will likely prevent a UN resolution addressing the Gaza crisis. Despite the ICJ ruling, Israel will use this day as a uniting force for their nation and to boost international support from key allies. In the mid to long term, further lawsuits against Israel will likely be fruitless, due to US backing and a shift towards regionalization of the conflict in the eyes of the international community.


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