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US Asst Secretary of State to address Ukraine refugee crisis in Geneva


US Asst Secretary of State to address Ukraine refugee crisis in Geneva

Ukraine refugee crisis US
US Assistant Secretary of State Julieta Noyes to address Ukraine refugee crisis | Photo: Leah Mills/Reuters

Julieta Noyes, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration, will visit Geneva today to discuss humanitarian issues with international organization and NGO leaders.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, over 60,000 Ukrainians have fled to Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Council granted temporary protection status to the refugees, allowing them to work and integrate into society. While many Ukrainians have taken roles in hospitality and tech, many still struggle to secure jobs. Employers fear hiring refugees who might return home and have language barriers. However, it is likely that job prospects will improve, particularly through women’s networks, state-funded language courses, and social media movements like #Jobs4Ukrainians.

Expect Assistant Secretary Noyes to address financial troubles faced by refugees during her visit. Around half of the Ukrainian refugees live with host families and supplement scarce home-cooked meals at local food banks. These refugees receive government stipends; however, they are not sustainable, as Switzerland has the second highest cost of living in the world. To mitigate financial struggles, the finance ministry and Swiss National Bank have agreed to allow refugees to exchange Ukrainian hryvnia for Swiss francs.

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