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US Congress to certify electoral vote for Joe Biden


US Congress to certify electoral vote for Joe Biden

Photo: Lawrence Jackson — Official White House Photo

The US Congress is to certify the electoral vote for President-Elect Joe Biden on January 6, paving the way for the incoming US president to start implementing various foreign policy manoeuvres.

While campaigning, Biden expressed a desire to overhaul most of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy. While Trump’s record includes several peace deals, his presidency also saw the US withdraw from numerous international treaties, including the Paris Climate accords, the Iranian Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and the UN World Health Organization, among others.

Biden has pledged to organise a Global Summit for Democracy to begin undoing the US’s international retreat. The summit will call upon democratic nations, as well as civil society organisations and the private sector, to pledge to fighting corruption, preventing authoritarianism and safeguarding election security and human rights.

If Biden holds the summit, expect it to be the first step in restoring the US’s more active leadership role in diplomacy international affairs. While Biden may not be immediately welcomed back by spurned allies, he has already signalled how heavily he values international engagement by appointing a known alliance advocate, Anthony Blinken, as Secretary of State.

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