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US National Guard deploys ahead of DC truck convoy


US National Guard deploys ahead of DC truck convoy

US National Guard deploys in DC ahead of truck convoy
Unarmed US National Guard troops will deploy to DC ahead of the expected truck convoy – Photo: AP/J. Scott Applewhite

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved the deployment of unarmed National Guard units around Washington DC today ahead of the arrival of a DC truck convoy of protestors.

Drawing inspiration from the anti-vaccine mandate protests in Canada, the American Truckers Freedom Fund and the People’s Convoy are expected to converge on DC at the time of President Biden’s first State of the Union address.

Bob Bolus, a convoy organizer, outlined his intentions to cut off traffic in the capital city like a “giant boa constrictor” that “chokes you.” Bolus said his convoy would ensure an open lane for emergency vehicles, though not commuters.

The convoys claim that upwards of fifty trucks will be stationed in DC for multiple days. However, there are questions about the truth of these claims. Although the exact number is unclear, expect at least a dozen semis to enter DC in the coming week. The National Guard will likely remain deployed until at least March 7.

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Although many governors are easing mask requirements, the truck convoy is unlikely to sway President Biden who has vowed to follow the CDC’s recommendations on mask-wearing. While Biden has withdrawn some vaccine mandates for big companies, most vaccination requirements are likely to continue.

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