US Deputy Secretary of State to Visit Gabon

US Deputy Secretary of State to Visit Gabon
US Deputy Secretary of State to Visit Gabon | Photo:

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman will visit Gabon today as part of a six-day, multi-country tour of Africa and Europe.

Sherman will meet with President Ali Bongo Ondimba in Libreville along with his foreign minister and minister of defense and will likely discuss issues relating to environmental protection. Sherman will also visit the Raponda Walker Arboretum to learn more about Gabon’s leadership in forest conservation to combat climate change.

Gabon is the first country in Africa to receive results-based payments for reduced deforestation and forest degradation emissions, meriting $17 million in June 2021. Among other initiatives, their “Green Gabon” agenda focuses on creating sanctuaries in 25% of its national territory, conducting research on sustainable energy sources, and implementing environmental protection laws. It increases productivity and income generation of agricultural and forest activities, creating 125,000 jobs, while keeping the human ecological footprint low.

In the short-term, expect further foreign investment in the “Green Gabon” agenda, as it has masterfully integrated natural capital into its framework, balancing numerous green initiatives with its economic development. As sustainable growth is a major global priority, Gabon may be viewed as an environmental pioneer and valuable partner by countries and international organizations alike.

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