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US House of Representatives expected to vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill


US House of Representatives expected to vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

Stefani Reynolds NYT
Photo: Stefani Reynolds/New York Times

House Democrats are expected to vote on the Senate-passed infrastructure bill today following a stalemate between progressive and moderate Democrats.

Voting may be pushed back over continued disagreements, noted Speaker Pelosi in a letter to colleagues—the Progressive Caucus has refused to vote on the legislation unless a separate $3.5 trillion social policy bill is passed by the Senate.

The bill, the largest investment in infrastructure in a decade, will address deteriorating roads and bridges, fund climate change research and build broadband infrastructure. However, the bipartisan bill passed in the Senate is less than a quarter the size of the original bill proposed by President Biden in March and no longer includes tax credits, funds for housing and schools, R&D or manufacturing.

Both Republican and Democratic Senators have praised the achievement of the infrastructure bill and acknowledged its role in healing political divisions. However, the impasse in the House signals continued disunity.

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With US government funding set to lapse on October 1, and Republicans expected to block a stopgap spending bill in the Senate, the Progressive Caucus may have to lower the funding expectations for social policy reform to find a compromise that salvages the infrastructure bill and secures government funding.

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