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US, India conclude joint special forces training exercises in Meghalaya


US, India conclude joint special forces training exercises in Meghalaya

US India exercises

The US and India conclude joint special forces training exercises in Meghalaya, India today.

The 14th edition of the Vajra Prahar exercises took place in Umroi. Troops from both countries participated in several drills, including special and counter-terrorist operations. Highlights of the joint exercises included “precision engagement of targets at long ranges” and “waterborne insertion of troops.”

This year’s edition comes amid India’s geopolitical emergence and growing strategic value for the West, amplified by stronger-than-ever ties with the US. Last year, the two countries regarded themselves as “two pillars of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” framing India as an important counter to China’s growing influence in the region.

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India’s growing relationship with the US and increased geopolitical relevance is likely to draw responses from both Pakistan and China who see India’s rise as a threat to their interests. The Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India will likely generate tensions as increased US-India engagement threatens Pakistani leverage in the border dispute. India’s rise may also play a role in reining in Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, potentially straining border tensions between the two countries. In the unlikely case of conflict between the nuclear-capable countries, the US would likely play an indirect role in India’s geopolitical disputes to avoid conflict escalation.

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