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USAID administrator to visit Sudan


USAID administrator to visit Sudan

Sam Power Sudan
Photo: Ebrahim Hamid/AFP/Getty

USAID Administrator Samantha Power will visit Sudan today to discuss expanding US support for a transition to civilian-led democracy.

After the ousting of Former President Omar Al-Bashir, and the subsequent formation of the military-civilian transitional government in 2019, Sudan has stated plans to have a civilian run government by 2024.

In 2020, the US surpassed its pledged humanitarian contribution of $356 million to support programs within the country to build a stronger base for democracy.

Expect to see these talks lead to increased support for Sudan, as the country is dealing with an inflation rate expected to reach 400 percent by the end of this quarter. Further progress in the transition to a democratic government will be difficult, as the country has long been dominated by the military. However, the idea of a civilian government is widely supported by Sudanese citizens, who have protested after attempted coups. Assistance from the US would further the push for a democratic transition and allow the US to gain a strategic ally in a region where Russia and China have slowly been gaining influence with mass infrastructure projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative.

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