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Verdict in Hamid Nouri War Crimes Trial Expected


Verdict in Hamid Nouri War Crimes Trial Expected

Verdict in Hamid Nouri War Crimes Trial Expected | Photo: Euronews

The verdict of Sweden’s trial against former Iranian prison prosecutor Hamid Nouri is expected to be announced today.

Nouri is accused of aiding and abetting the government-sanctioned massacre of political prisoners and regime opponents at Gohardasht Prison towards the end of the Iran-Iraq War in 1988. Prosecutors are seeking life imprisonment for Nouri, who has been held in Swedish custody since his November 2019 arrest in Stockholm. The Iranian government has denied accusations of assassinating political opponents.

The trial has resulted in highly contentious relations between Sweden and Iran. After Nouri’s arrest, Tehran summoned the Swedish envoy over Nouri’s imprisonment and trial. The same day that arguments concluded for the trial, Iran announced the pending execution of Swedish-Iranian researcher Ahmadreza Djalali. Though Tehran has denied links between the two cases, the timing and rhetoric from officials indicates it is an act of political retribution.

Stockholm condemned the Djalali decision, advising Swedish citizens to avoid all travel to Iran. With heightened tensions, it is possible that Tehran could imprison more Swedes arriving on Iranian soil. If Nouri is condemned, Iran will potentially take retaliatory action, most likely authorizing the execution of Djalali.

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