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World Economic Forum 2022 Davos Agenda Summit begins


World Economic Forum 2022 Davos Agenda Summit begins

World Economic Forum 2022 Davos Agenda
World Economic Forum 2022 Davos Agenda begins- Photo: AP

The 2022 Davos Agenda summit of the World Economic Forum kicks off virtually from today through Friday.

Leaders of the G20 economies will deliver a special “State of the World” addresses and engage in dialogues on global cooperation with international organizations, CEOs and other leaders.

The Davos Agenda brings together world leaders such as Narendra Modi, Antonio Guterres, Xi Jinping and Janet Yellen to discuss key issues. This year, key issues include climate action, pandemic recovery, economic resilience, global cooperation on vaccine distribution and space exploration. Also being introduced during the summit will be several WEF initiatives to address climate issues, sustainable economic growth and cyber resilience.

Like the 2021 Davos Agenda, Xi Jinping will likely call for greater macroeconomic cooperation and a strong stance towards an interconnected global economy in implementing WEF’s goal of sustainable economic growth, as it aligns with China’s broader economic policy objectives.

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