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Germany, Ukraine expected to sign security agreement at Munich Security Conference


Germany, Ukraine expected to sign security agreement at Munich Security Conference

Germany and Ukraine are expected to sign a new bilateral security agreement at the Munich Security Conference today.

The planned accord is a part of a broader network of bilateral commitments intended to strengthen Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression, by bolstering its armed forces and security-related domains.

Last year, the G7 group signed a joint declaration committing to establish “long-term security arrangements” with Ukraine. An agreement with the UK last month solidified commitment to holding consultations with Ukraine within 24 hours if Ukraine faces a future Russian armed attack. Ukraine is currently negotiating similar deals with France, Romania, and other nations.

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The German-Ukrainian pact includes financial support to Ukraine over several years, and the supply of sustainable military support by Germany. Ukraine views Germany as an important ally—German Chancellor Olaf Scholz played an instrumental role during negotiations with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to lift the blockade on an approximately $54 billion aid package for Ukraine. However, there remains some skepticism about Germany’s stance on Ukraine’s NATO membership. There are concerns that if Ukraine joins the alliance while the war continues and large amounts of its territory are still occupied by Russian forces, the move could trigger a full-scale NATO-Russia conflict. Germany’s stance will likely be influential for Ukraine’s potential NATO accession.

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